4 days instead of 3

and I get to see Harry Potter naked!! I mean him in a play about horse love...
Im so excited and we arent staying in the hood.

I would just have a heart attack if i ran into Vincent Dononfrio!!!

Jenx I hope your foot is just sprained not broken. Call me if you need anything.
And the cute boy at the gas station this morning noticed my lord of the rings tattoo. He loved it, but I had to run drat!! Or really I had to drive to work.
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just being me

(no subject)

I am wondering if I keep pretending that everything is okay...Will it eventually be that way in real life?
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crapola at its best

I am sitting at work right now. Tired and my arm is sore. I will not lay blame on anyone...but at least I was not drooled on.

This past weekend has been fun. Saturday I worked and then went straight to Stephanies English tea birthday party. Beef wellington is super yummy, espcially when sour cream is added.
Took a nap and yes the march warden was decked out in heels and a dress. There are pics of this somewhere and when I get them I shall post them for you nonbelievers!

Sunday was a nice day. Marissa went shopping with me. Then a movie. Finally sleep.

Enough for now. Have a spectacular Monday!! (or a manic)
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If Looks Could Kill...

confused as hell

Okay I was seeing this girl since oh my birthday of 2006. Then all of a sudden in March she just stops. I have talked to her maybe 4 times. And this morning I texted her and asked her why? I told her I needed closure.

This was her response: I know we did find time. Its me , not you. I dont want closure. I have been doing alot of business which I guess is no excuse. Im coming over before we go to fedex.

I waited til 3 30 or so and had some errands to run before work so I left. I just dont understand. And to top it all off two guys showed interest in me, and the minute I showed some back they stopped. What the hell? They arent exactly young...Do people ever stop playing games?

Im through with it all. When the voodoo visits was from me!
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Confuzed Jensen

been a bit

ha i havent seen or heard from my father in maybe a year. and he emails me out of the blue saying he hopes i am ok and would like to visit me. tells me he works sat and sun always . when are my days off. i hated to inform him i worked 6 nights a week. slept days and my only day off is sunday. no response. of course the last time he asked to visit and we would eat. he didnt show. i waited 45 minutes at the restaurant. not doing that again.

anybody got a spare kidney? i keep getting infections!!
i am ready now to look for a more permanent relationship. as i am sure my 2 benfitial friends do not want to comply. at some point i shall have to bid them adieux. til the time i find someone worthy.
alright hope everyone is well. and jenx you have to call me about this amazing person in your life!
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dirty harry

Im no stranger to the rain

Life is so crazy and problematic!!! i dont have much time to read anybodys journals today im sorry! I am at work and our new manager has banned the radio, phone calls, and talking to coworkers. i am currently hiding in a training room...Just want to wish everyone a wonderful New Year!!

My birthday was Dec 28th and I do accept gifts (haha!!)

Better late than never I always say..
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(no subject)

Ever have so much going on you just cant get anything right that needs to or you want to say? I work so much now and sleep so late in the afternoon. I tried to bid on a route , but it was internal so you had to be a driver already to even have a chance of getting it!

My foot is still swollen, but hopefully soon it will heal. Anybody got a nice cane ?? I miss alot of my friends, but it seems so much time has gone by, how do I call and say what I feel? It really is hard working nights, when everybody else has nights free and I am saddened when I dont get invited places anymore, but why ask me when it is known I cant make it anyways? :(

Since I have no internet at home it may be awhile afore I post again, I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it! I know I will be in heaven doing what I love. EATING!!!
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